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Not able to locate the information you are looking for? On this page, you will find contact information for individuals providing key resources to residents of undergraduate housing. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to anyone on this list.

Note: All phone numbers below are in area code 617.

Key Services Directory

Office Location Phone
Evening Residential Emergencies
(4 PM-8 AM) - ask to "page Unit 12"
Graduate and Family Housing Assignments W59-200 253-5148 
Off-Campus Housing Service W59-200 253-1493 
Housing Renovations and Construction W59-200 253-4324
Summer Guest Housing W59-200 253-1485
Undergraduate Housing Assignments W59-200 253-2811


Residence House Managers

Residence House Manager Phone
Ashdown House Denise Lanfranchi  253-2963
Baker House Jonathan Nolan 253-3675
Burton-Conner Ken Donaghey 253-3263
East Campus Joseph Graham  253-2863
Eastgate  Carla Bengtson 253-7463
Edgerton House Trudy Morris 253-4954
MacGregor House Bob Ramsay 253-1463
Maseeh Hall Rui Borges 324-4936
McCormick Hall Jonathan Nolan 253-5963
New House Bob Ramsay
Next House (500 Memorial Drive) Nika Hollingsworth 253-2065
Random Hall Jonathan Nolan
Senior House Ken Wolff 253-3190
Sidney and Pacific Brian Ward
Simmons Hall Nika Hollingsworth
Tang Hall Michael Collins 253-5146
The Warehouse Denise Lanfranchi 253-2963
Westgate Michael Collins 253-5146

Housing Staff Directory

Staff Location Phone
Hapgood-White, Jennifer
(Associate Director of Housing)
W59-200 258-5488
Bowen, Geri-Lyn
(Graduate and Family Housing)
W59-200 253-5148
Carton, Naomi
(Associate Dean of Residential Life & Dining)
W59-200 452-4280
Charles, Stephen
(Graduate and Family Housing)
W59-200 253-5148
Collins, Dennis
(Director of Residential Life, Capital Renewal and Renovation) 
 W59-200 253-5145
Coppett, Tasha
(Assistant Director Graduate and Off-Campus Housing) 
 W59-200 253-4449
Hatchouel, Phil
(Renovations and Construction)
W59-200 253-4324
Honohan, Colleen
(Information Technology)
W59-200 252-1555
Kotadia, Nilam
(Manager of Housing Assignments)
W59-200 253-0191
Lonero, Chris
(Evening Operations/Nightwatch)
W51 253-1579
Lugo, Sandra
(Graduate and Family Housing)
W59-200 253-5148
McLaughlin, Charlene
(Evening Operations/Nightwatch)
W51 253-1588
Nolan, Chris
(Renovations and Construction)
W59-200 258-0215
Roderick, Dan
(Director of Housing Operations)
W59-200 253-1392
(Evening Operations/Nightwatch)
W51 253-1579
Whelan, Marsha
(Renovations and Construction)
W51 253-4324
Winsor, Ken
(Evening Operations/Nightwatch) 
W51 253-6390