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Note: All phone numbers below are in area code 617.

Office Location Phone
Evening Residential Emergencies
(4 PM-8 AM) - ask to "page Unit 12"
Graduate and Family Housing Assignments W59-200 253-5148 
Off-Campus Housing Service W59-200 253-1493 
Housing Renovations and Construction W59-200 253-4324
Summer Guest Housing W59-200 253-1485
Undergraduate Housing Assignments W59-200 253-2811


Housing Staff Directory

Staff Location Phone
Hapgood-White, Jennifer
(Associate Director of Housing)
W59-200 258-5488
Bowen, Geri-Lyn
(Graduate and Family Housing)
W59-200 253-5148
Carton, Naomi
(Associate Dean of Residential Life & Dining)
W59-200 452-4280
Charles, Stephen
(Graduate and Family Housing)
W59-200 253-5148
Collins, Dennis
(Director of Residential Life, Capital Renewal and Renovation) 
 W59-200 253-5145
Coppett, Tasha
(Assistant Director Graduate and Off-Campus Housing) 
 W59-200 253-4449
Kotadia, Nilam
(Manager of Housing Assignments)
W59-200 253-0191