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TODAY IS Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dates & Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines


May 23

Undergraduate residence halls close for non-graduating students

May 24

Undergraduates with move-out extension must check out by 5pm


June 01

First-year undergraduate student housing application opens
Undergraduate housing waitlist opens

June 06

Undergraduate residence halls close at 12:00 pm for all students

June 15

Deadline to cancel undergraduate housing with no penalty
First-year student housing application closes


July 01

Graduate fall housing waitlist opens

July 15

Graduate fall housing waitlist offers begin

July 17

First-year student housing results released

July 28

First-year student housing confirmations due


August 04

Undergraduate housing waitlist offers begin

August 15

2014 - 2015 Graduate Housing License expiration date

August 29

First-year student move-in

August 30

FYRE applications open


September 05

Returning undergraduate students move in to fall housing assignments