Hi There

Fast Help


Campus Police (from on-campus phone)     100
Local Police (from off-campus phone)     911
Dorm Patrol Security (ask for Unit 12)     253-1500
Dean on Call     253-1212
MIT Medical     253-1311

Repair Requests

If you notice something wrong in your room or anywhere in your building (leaky faucet, clogged toilet, broken light, etc.), please submit a Repair Request. If you experience any problems or delays, please bring them to the attention of your House Manager.

Lost Keys and MIT Card

If you are locked out and/or you are missing your MIT Card, call the following people at the following times:

Harassment, Conflict and Counseling

MIT provides a broad range of services to assist students with a variety of concerns, questions, or issues. In addition to the staff of Housing, students can turn to their Housemasters, graduate resident tutors, or any of the resources listed below. Another resource is the Guide for Dealing with Harassment @ MIT.

Academic Resource Center
(Room 7-104, 253-6771)

Campus Police, Crime Prevention Unit
(Room W31-221, 253-9755)

Counseling and Support Services
(Room 5-104, 253-4861)

Health Education Service of MIT Medical
(Room E23-205, 253-1316)

(Room E32-133, 253-7848)

Mental Health Service of MIT Medical
(E23-3rd Floor, 253-2916)


(Room 10-213, 253-5921)

Residential Life Programs
(Rooms W20-549 & W51-040, 452-4280)

Student Conflict Resolution and Discipline

(Room E32-133, 253-7848)

Residence Hall Front Desks

Residence Telephone
Ashdown House 253-2961
Baker House    253-3161
Bexley Hall    258-9863
Burton-Connor House 253-3261
East Campus 253-2871
Eastgate 253-7463
Edgerton House 253-4933
French House 253-6561
German House 253-6561
MacGregor House 253-1461
McCormick Hall 253-5961
New House 253-6561
Next House 253-8761
The Warehouse 253-6588
Random Hall 258-6344
Russian House 253-6561
Senior House 253-3191
Sidney-Pacific 452-4751
Simmons Hall 452-5107
Spanish House 253-6561
Tang Hall 253-1773
The Phoenix Group 253-8761
Westgate 253-1773