Moving Out

Learn everything you need to know about moving out—in accordance with your license.
Terminate your housing assignment
If you are graduating
Terminating your assignment early
Who must pay a termination fee

Terminating your housing assignment

  • Residents of on-campus graduate housing are responsible for the entire term of their license when they accept their assignment.
  • If you are eligible, you will receive an email in March asking if you want to renew your housing. This email will offer two options: a link to your new license agreement and a link to the termination form.
  • If you are graduating or no longer plan to live on campus, fill out and submit the online termination form. (See additional info for graduating students below.)
  • Learn about extensions and end-dates. 

How to check out

  • Complete your termination form. Rent and responsibility for assignment will not be canceled until a valid termination form is received.
  • Check-out instructions will be emailed to you two to four weeks before your check-out date.
  • Remove all belongings.
  • Leave your unit reasonably clean, making sure to clean the bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Turn in all keys.  Please note that front desk staff is not responsible for ensuring termination procedures were followed (i.e. submitting a termination form).  This is the responsibility of the resident.
  • You will be fined if you leave behind excess furniture, mold growth in the bathroom, damage to the unit, or if you fail to turn in all keys.

If you are graduating

  • Complete the termination form.
  • If you aren’t sure when you will leave, enter the last day of your contract (August 15). Resubmit the online termination form Opens in a new window with an earlier move-out date as soon as you know it. You must give 30 days notice.
  • Example: When you fill out the form in March, you enter a termination date of August 15. In early April, you get a job that starts June 1. On April 8, you resubmit the termination form with a move-out date of May 31. Under this scenario, you would not be charged rent past May 31 because you have an acceptable reason for leaving and have provided 30 days notice.
  • Graduating students who wish to attend commencement may stay until Saturday of the week following graduation IF they terminate at least 30 days before the end of the previous month (by April 30, for example, for June graduation). Rent will be prorated by the day.
  • Graduating students do not have to pay a termination fee in June if they terminate on the special June graduation termination dates.(please see termination form)

Terminate your assignment early

MIT allows residents of graduate housing to leave the housing system early for the following reasons:

Acceptable reasons for terminating your assignment early

  • You graduate.
  • You take personal or medical leave.
  • You have a change of family status (please provide "proof of family").
  • You go on a department-required internship.
  • You are approved for nonresident status (students who have completed all  degree coursework except for the thesis).

Unacceptable reasons for terminating your assignment early

  • You move off campus for an unapproved reason.
  • You leave campus for an activity not required by your department.

Who must pay a termination fee?

  • Any resident who terminates for any reason—approved or unapproved—during the first two months of a semester must pay a termination fee equal to one month’s rent.
  • Penalty fees apply for termination dates in the first two months of any semester (September, October, February, and March).
  • The termination fee is not rent and cannot be applied against rent owed. It will be charged in addition to any rent owed.

Termination procedure

  1. Review the information above to determine any rent and fees you may have to pay.
  2. Complete the termination form online.  
  3. Follow the instructions above under “How to check out.” 
  4. Contact the Graduate Housing Office if you have questions
  5. To submit a termination form please click here.

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