Visitor Housing

The basics
Housing options
Moving out
Sublicensing for the summer

The basics

  • The first priority of the MIT Housing Office is to house as many fully-registered graduate students as possible.
  • If space remains in the single graduate residence halls after this goal has been met, we assign some of these units to visiting students, postdocs, professors, lecturers, and researchers.
  • Priority is given to visitors who are able to fulfill the entire term of the assignment. Your chances for an assignment decrease if you will not need your assignment for a full school year.
  • You must have your MIT ID# and MIT certificates to apply. Please contact your department to get setup in the system. You will not be able to access the application with out this information.
  • You must apply to the waiting list to be eligible. Check the Dates & Deadlines page to find out when you can apply.
  • When you apply to the waiting list, ask your department to email us directly at with your name, department, the person you are affiliated with, and the length of your stay.
  • If you receive a housing assignment, it will expire on August 15 regardless of the move-in date. If you will be remaining on campus the next year, you must reapply to the waiting list.

Who is eligible

To be eligible for a visitor assignment, you must provide documentation that proves that you are visiting MIT in an official capacity:

  • cross-registered, special, and visiting students
  • postdocs and researchers
  • visiting professors and lecturers

Alumni, families of students, and Draper and Broad employees are not eligible.

Housing options

  • Because our first priority is to house fully-registered graduate students, visitors are very rarely assigned to efficiencies or one-bedroom apartments, our most popular living options.  If these are the only types of assignments you are interested in, it is unlikely that you will receive an assignment.
  • Most visitors are assigned to shared apartment accommodations. 
  • Occasionally, we are able to assign visitors to other residences, so feel free to apply.
  • Visitor assignments for the school year are not usually made before early August. If you do receive a housing assignment, your move-in date will most likely be in late August or early September.
  • Visitors may apply for on-campus family housing, but space is extremely limited and the likelihood of an assignment is low.
  • Visitors with families may sublicense an apartment in an on-campus family residence during the summer.
  • The Off-Campus Housing section of this website provides extensive advice and information for members of the community who are planning to live off campus.
  • If you are a visiting faculty, researcher or scientist and interested in being a part of an undergraduate community, The Residential Scholars Program at Simmons Hall may be an option for you. Learn more about this programOpens in new<br />
    window. Please note this program is not available to post docs.

Terminating your assignment before August 15

Under certain circumstances, visitors can terminate their assignments early.  You must follow the procedures exactly to avoid extra charges. Terminating at the wrong time of year can cost you a lot of money.

  • You must submit your termination request at least 30 days before your termination date. To terminate for April 30, for example, you must submit your request by March 31.
  • You must pay rent for the entire month in which you are moving out. For example, if you leave MIT on April 10, you must still pay rent for the entire month of April.
  • If you terminate your assignment in February, March, September, or October, you will be charged a termination fee equal to one month’s rent.
  • For details about termination policies, consult the Moving Out section of this website.

Sublicensing for the summer or IAP

If you need housing on or after the sublicense start date specifed on the sublicense center page, you may sublicense a room on campus from a current resident.


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