Burton Conner

Building W51
410 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

(617) 253-3261
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House Manager Ken Donaghey
Housemasters Anne and Bill McCants
Area Director Michelle Lessly

"Burton Conner has nine floors, each with its own unique theme and fascinating personality, blending together into a welcoming whole.  Variety in leisure pursuits is highly valued, such as cooking (pumpkins to apples to gingerbread and beyond!), crafting, gardening, exercising, and socializing, ranging from the casual to the "floormal."  Floor study breaks are also a regular feature, along with floor dinners with the housemasters and house-wide dessert study breaks during finals.  Burton Conner is, in short, about giving life at MIT some much-needed balance."
-Anne McCants, Burton Conner Housemaster


  • furnished coed residence for 346 single undergraduate students
  • opened in 1939

Room options

  • freshmen— doubles
  • upperclass—singles, doubles

Room costs (per semester) 2015-2016

Additional costs (per semester)

  • $60 house tax (estimated)

Health and allergy considerations

  • smoking is not permitted indoors
  • rooms are carpeted
  • elevators serve all floors
  • pets are not permitted (except fish)

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