Senior House

Building E2
70 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

(617) 253-3191
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House Manager Ken Wolff
Housemaster     Jay Scheib
Area Director Joe Zimakas


“Whether your hair is mousy brown or electric blue, whether you listen to classical concertos or cutting edge undiscovered bands, whether you like sushi or greasy diner food, trashy novels or great lit in dead languages, you’ll find those who share your tastes at Senior House. And if you can’t peg yourself on this either/or list, we’ll love you all the more. Senior House residents are happy to sometimes march off the beat of any drummer. We minimize the number of rules and work things out within our community. And long after you’ve left MIT, you’ll always want to come home again.”


  • furnished coed residence for 146 single undergraduate students
  • opened in 1918

Room options

  • freshmen—singles, doubles
  • upperclass—singles

Room costs (per semester) 2015-2016

Additional costs (per semester)

  • $65 house tax (estimated)

Health and allergy considerations

  • air conditioning (May through September)
  • smoking is permitted in some halls and suites
  • rooms are carpeted
  • elevator serves all floors
  • cats and fish are permitted

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