Simmons Hall

Building W79
229-243 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

(617) 253-5107
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House Manager Nika Hollingsworth
Heads of House John and Ellen Essigmann
Associate Heads of House Steven Hall
Area Director Joshua Gonzalez

“At Simmons, we take special pride in our student-run house government. It takes the form of a classic New England town meeting. Want to build a workshop, install surround sound in the MPR, build an indoor Zen garden, or throw an all-residence BBQ? We convene bi-weekly, and every resident has an equal voice in sharing ideas or recommending changes. As a result, there are always new ideas on the table and an efficient transfer of resources into the hands of people who want to make things happen. And things happen fast at Simmons—which is how we like it.”
John and Ellen Essigmann, Heads of House at Simmons Hall



  • furnished coed residence for undergraduate students
  • opened in 2002

Room options

  • freshmen—singles, doubles, triples
  • upperclass—singles, doubles

Room costs (per semester)

Additional costs (per semester)

Health and allergy considerations

  • smoking is not permitted indoors
  • rooms are uncarpeted
  • elevators serve all floors
  • pets are not permitted (except fish)

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