Building to Building Switch

Switching Between Buildings

Students looking to switch between buildings on campus have several chances to move throughout the year.  We operate a waiting list from June 1 to March 1 and make offers in date applied order on a rolling basis throughout the year. For more information about the waiting list, including how to opt-in to the next year's waiting list if you haven't received an offer by March 1, please go here

When an offer has been received, there will be two days to respond.  Students who do not respond are removed from all waiting lists they are currently on, and must reapply, if they so choose.  Students who do respond have three options:  accept the offer, decline the offer and be removed from all lists, or decline the offer for this semester and defer to the next semester. 

Once an offer is accepted, notifications will be sent to both the student and their current and new residence hall.  Moves are expected to be completed within one week of the notification being sent.  Room assignment chairs will assign the student to an available space within the building, and will email the new resident with this information. 

For students who do not get an offer through our waiting list process, we also operate switch lotteries in December and April.  The December lottery facilitates switches for the spring semester and the April lottery does the same for the upcoming fall semester.  If you would like more information on our lottery process, please visit our lottery page

You can find more information about the assignment process for students on the waiting list here.

To enter the Waiting List, please Click Here.

Learn more about the waiting list works.