First Year Student Move Information

The assignment that you recieved from the Freshman Summer Housing Lottery is your starting point. We sincerely hope that you explore your new community, meet the upperclass students who call it home, experience the REX events that they are offering, and feel like you have found your place. However, we recognize that during your explorations, you may have found a community that fits you even better. The Housing Office gives students several opportunities to move residence halls throughout the year, and gives first year students the opportunity to move before they've completely settled in.  

First Year Residence Exchange (FYRE)
Waiting List
Fall/Spring Switch Lotteries

First Year Residence Exchange (FYRE)

The FYRE process offers first year students a chance to move residence halls before classes start, giving students who are able to move, time to settle into their new community before they adjust to everyday life at MIT.

Students who wish to participate in FYRE will be asked to enter their new housing preferences via an online application.

  • The site opens for FYRE on Sunday, August 28, at 12:00 pm and closes on Wednesday, August 31, at 2:00 am.
  • Students must enter at least one preferred building, but should keep in mind when entering multiple preferences that all listed buildings will be considered when making switches.  
  • Results from FYRE will be available on the same site during the afternoon of Wednesday, August 31. All students will then participate in the internal room selection in their permanent residence hall at 7:00 pm, and final moves will take place on September 1.  

Please note that students cannot switch into or out of McCormick Hall during FYRE. All other residence halls are open during this process. While we do our best to make as many switches as possible, we are not always able to make as many switches as we would like. For those students who do not get a move during FYRE, or for those who decide later in the year that they would like a change, there are other processes in place to facilitate a move, such as the waiting list and Fall/Spring lotteries.  

Please feel free to contact the Housing Office at residence@mit.edu if you have any questions regarding FYRE. 

Waiting List

A waiting list is maintained by the Housing Office for all residence halls on campus. The list is kept in "date applied" order, and offers are made August through April for the academic year. First year students are eligible to join the waiting list as of Registration Day, although it is important to be aware that first year students are ineligible to switch into and out of McCormick Hall during their first year. More information about joining, as well as offers and timeline can be found here.  

Fall/Spring Lotteries

The Housing Office also operates two switch lotteries per year, the fall lottery in April for upcoming fall semester moves, and the spring lottery in December for upcoming spring semester moves. These lotteries are switch-based, and opt-in, so that we are able to make a number of assignments at once by switching students into and out of buildings. Please note that first year students are ineligible to switch into or out of McCormick Hall, during the spring lottery, but may enter the fall lottery.